Do I need to Premedicate anymore?

I graduated Columbia’s School of Dental & Oral Surgery  in 1994. At the time, the consensus recommendation established by the medical community was such that, “anyone who had a heart murmur should be premedicated prior to their dental visit, for life!” As a matter of fact, the accepted protocol for dental premedication was a whopping mouthful—- 3.0 grams (6 x 500... read more »

Keto Breath

Summer is Coming! The bright yellow bloom of the Forsythia signals the eventuality of Spring. To say nothing, we experienced a mild winter; not too much snow and ice. I am thankful. By the same token, warm weather is coming. In like manner, last year’s bathing suits must fit this year. NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO START LOSING SOME... read more »

Think Twice before you reach for that Energy Drink.

Think Before You Drink! The Exam Most recently, a “20 year old or something” patient presented with a chief complaint of pain, “Doc, I’ve got major tooth aches all over the place.” To say nothing, on initial glance, many of this patient’s teeth appeared to be broken down. Clinical exam revealed multiple cavities. Not to mention, varying degrees of severe... read more »

A Big Thank You To My Lab Guy, Jimmy over at Nyberg Dental Lab

The Challenge So often, cosmetic challenges may present. By the same token they can be beyond my technical abilities to troubleshoot directly due to lack of chair side material choices. In fact, I can always creatively envision a final outcome in my mind’s eye. The problem is that I may not have the tools and materials to deliver it right... read more »

You Don’t Have To Leave Without a Front Tooth

This Happened today………. After Hearing The Bad News It was determined that his tooth was hopelessly fractured. Unfixable. In fact, non restorable. With this in mind, all options for tooth replacement were discussed. The patient was adamant . He stated forcefully, “I do not want to leave here without a tooth and I do not want a flipper .” The... read more »