Root canal. Those two words can make any dental patient a little anxious, or even frightened. Root canals have a reputation of being a long and uncomfortable treatment, but at our office, our dentists and team have changed the patient experience when it comes to root canals. Our office features the WaveOne® endodontic system in Norwalk, Connecticut. This system allows Dr. Robert Emilio and associates to make your appointment much easier. With increased control over the drill, our dentists can access every part of the pulp chamber, even in teeth with long, curved roots. Our dentists will be able to remove all of the infected pulp to relieve your pain and help you keep your smile intact. With the WaveOne system, the likelihood of a need for root canal retreatment is greatly reduced, and you will spend less time in the dental chair.

If you are living with a toothache or a tooth that is sensitive to pressure or cold, heat or even sweet foods or drinks, stop putting off your visit with us. The problem is not going to get better! Call 203-866-7164 today and let one of our helpful team members schedule your visit.